Skin Conditions

As an experienced Cognitive Hypnotherapist I really believe in the mind body connection, and some skin conditions are sometimes a visual sign of what is going on inside. I have experienced, that with guidance this mind body connection  can allow in the possibility of the mind healing the body. Skin conditions such as psoriasis have completely disappeared through guided visualisation  and exercises which allow us to release any negative connections that the body holds with the skin condition. All types of skin conditions are treatable – you just need an open mind and and a commitment to change.

Sometimes skin conditions are a reaction to something that is happening in our lives – through Cognitive Hypnotherapy you can learn more about this process and how to control them. This is great because not only do you help your skin condition, you also learn new skills which are easily transfered to other areas of your life.

Usually internal problems can be displayed through issues with the skin, maybe you’ve tried to eliminate these issues with changes to your diet and have been unsuccessful, sometimes the root course is subconscious and to do with the mind.

I work in Hertfordshire, please call me if you would like to talk about this further, and see how Hypnotherapy can help you.


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