Love Birds Relationship Coach

A relationship coach can help you to get your relationship back on track. I am one of the UK’s leading specialists for Love Birds Relationship Coaching. I  can help you and your partner work together on your relationship issues.

As a Quest Institute Trained Love Birds relationship coach I can help you and your partner relate and understand each other better. By looking at each others differences we can see what affect they have on the relationship and how we can begin to use those differences to undrestand each other again

Life goes through so many shifts when we are in long term relationships, sometimes we just need a little help to get through the changes so that we can focus on the positives again. Maybe you’ve had a change of career, a birth or a loss, or maybe you just feel unable to relate to each other and unsure if the relationship is right anymore. Couples sometimes feel ‘unloved’ or as it they don’t know each other any more. Throughout the Cognitive Hypnotherapy sessions you and your partner can explore the relationship issues which have become part of the problem and work towards working together for a new bright future.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy can also be useful if you are looking to start a new relationship but feel inhibited because of your previous experiences in relationships. We can work together so that you can let go of any negative feelings and change any patterns that you feel are reoccuring.

If you are currently single and previous relationships are holding you back from starting new ones, I can help you let go of any negativity which might be holding you back, and prevent any similar negative patterns going with you into your new relationship.

Contact me for an informal chat, with no obligation. I work in Redbourn which is easily accessed from Harpenden, St Albans, Hemel Hempstead and Luton.


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