Hypnotherapy to help with

Traditional hypnotherapy can tend to be a one-size-fits-all approach but we are all unique and experience the world and our situations in unique ways. This idea is fundamental to Cognitive Hypnotherapy . As a Quest Institute trained therapist I am adept at listening to you and will use the most appropriate technique from a range of disciplines put together in a way that suits how you think.

As a Cognitive Hypnotherapist I believe that everyone has everything they need to solve their problem, they just need help finding it. It is this active collaboration which makes Cognitive Hypnotherapy an effective solution focused therapy.

The following list is not exhaustive but here are some things that Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help with:

Some people are suprised when they come to see me that they can still talk and open their eyes whilst hypnotised. Cognitive Hypnotherapy utilises natural trance states that occur daily. For example, when you drive somewhere and don’t remember part of the journey, you might be reading a book and not notice someone else join you in the room. The depth  of the trance does not really matter, and the depth achieved will depend on each individual. So it’s not like you see on the television or stage, it is a level deep enough for change but light enough for you to facilitate your changes.


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