Fertility and Hypnotherapy in St Albans Hertfordshire


Infertility and Hypnosis St Albans

“Hypnotherapy reduces stress and increases confidence, instilling a sense of control in the client, which in turn enables her to maximise chances of conceiving naturally and/or increase the success of medical assistance”. Dr Elizabeth Muir, a clinical psychologist working with hypnotherapy for infertility.


Hypnosis works by utilising the scientifically proven mind body link to guide your unconscious , together we work to create the changes in your mind and body that are needed to improve your fertility naturally. Helping you to maximising your ability to get pregnant.



During the hypnotherapy sessions we work closely to design a programme specifically for you.  You can feel comfortable in the knowledge that you are working in the most effective way for you. We will work towards letting go of stress, limiting thoughts and beliefs and enhancing your ability to relax.


Hypnotherapy can assist female infertility, male infertility and complements perfectly other infertility treatments such as IUI, IVF, ICSI and GIFT. Other holistic treatments that you may be using to improve your fertility such as acupuncture, work together perfectly also.


Baby Quest Trained

Baby Quest Trained