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Cognitive Hypnotherapy in St Albans and Hertfordshire.


What is Cognitive Hypnotherapy and NLP?


Hypnosis and “trance states” have been used by societies since the dawn of recorded time. Hypnosis uses these trance states to uncover the thoughts and memory patterns that create and maintain people’s problems. We all experience “trance” states throughout our daily lives. Think of those times when you have been really engrossed in a film or listening to your favourite music and you lose all track of time and the world around you. Or what about those times when you have driven somewhere and you’re not quite sure how you got there? Hypnotherapy uses these naturally occurring shifts in focus to speak to the unconscious mind and give it acceptable solutions to existing problems.

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming and is essentially the study of excellence. The creators Bandler and Grindler discovered that people who are successful aren’t successful by accident, they are following a process. It also stands to reason that those people who are not successful also follow a process. Simply, that means that you can alter those processes and the way you think about things to significantly change your behaviours and your life.

Hypnotherapy in St Albans


What does hypnosis feel like?

ItĀ is a different experience for different people. It all depends on how you relax and use your imagination as to the kind of experience you will have. It is unique to each individual and is something that becomes easier and more enjoyable each time. You might be surprised at just how relaxed and refreshed you can feel after a session.

What if I lose control/never wake up?

You still have awareness and you will be able to respond to the therapist if required to. You are in control at all times and will be working in partnership with the therapist to achieve the result that you want. Only a light trance is required to affect lasting change. If you were left in a hypnotic state you would simply fall asleep or get bored, get up and leave!

How long does a session last?

Typically a session lasts between 60-90 minutes, the first session commonly lasts 90 minutes. The session price is the same whether it lasts 60 minutes or 90 minutes.

How many sessions will I need?

One of the many benefits of Cognitive hypnotherapy and NLP is that dramatic results can be achieved in a very short time, for instance it is possible to resolve a simple phobia (spiders/heights/snakes etc.) in a one-hour session. It is well documented that smokers can become non-smokers after just two hours. This is not to say that some problems may require a longer commitment in order to be resolved completely, it all depends on the individual. We are always focused on finding the briefest route to resolution so that you can get on with your life as soon as possible. Typically clients need between 4 and 6 sessions.

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