I spent years feeling like Coaching was all a little bit too American and for people who had too much money and who needed other people to make decisions for them!!

How wrong could I be, I was totally basing that idea on….well to be honest….nothing….it was just a judgement made from information that I thought I had heard here and there. It wasn’t based on my experience or research, no the truth is that I formed an opinion, a negative one at that and just went with it!

So what’s changed, well peers of mine were increasingly talking about Coaching and the positive affect that it had one them, the changes that they were seeing were clear for them and everyone else to see. It looked like they were confident and in touch with a deep part of them which was guiding them towards their success!

The Coaching they experienced was Principle based coaching and I became curious to see what it was all about. So over the last year I have emerged myself in an understanding of the Principles that underpin Psychology and all I can say is WOW. What a game changer, somebody should of told us of the Impact that this understanding can have. I have not looked back and neither have my clients. We all have everything we need to really live an extraordinary live, a life without boundaries, a life without conditions. Now everyone deserves a shot at that don’t they?

If you would like to know more about how this can help you, please contact me for an experience of how this would feel and how it could make the changes that you are looking for.

Sarah x