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Something good has to come out of the end of Summer…..

As the evenings are starting to draw in and the mornings are getting darker Im starting to ponder the pro’s and cons of having toddlers in the winter time! I used to like waking up at 3am and seeing the light through the window, thinking inside – i should have another 3 hours sleep! But when i wake up and i see darkness outside, it makes me want to cuddle up with the little one next to me and stay there, not be cajoled by his increasing shuffles as he wakes and eventually shouts ‘stairs’.

But I have a light at the end of the tunnel which involves further training, a daunting prospect as it’s taking me an age to even finish one of the books on the pre course reading list! But something which is already dear to my heart and my home, me and a close friend are embarking on the Baby Calm™ training. This training fits perfectly with the Confident Childbirth training that i already hold and offer to my clients, I am really passionate about a gentle and enjoyable pregnancy and also a calm and confident birth. Both affect how you feel about those first few weeks with your newborn, this amazing and trying time really needs a good foundation. Each time i see a client for Confident Childbirth they are amazed at the amount of information they receive from me, information that they just wouldn’t receive in NHS antenatal classes. Hopefully I will soon be able to pass on an additional wealth of knowledge to parents too through the trusted Baby Calm ™ brand.