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Freedom for birth


‘Freedom for Birth is a new 60 minute campaigning film that re-frames Human Rights as the most pressing issue in childbirth today.
In many countries around the world, women are being denied the most basic human right of autonomy over their own bodies. They cannot choose how and where to give birth. Those that persist in their desire to have a normal, physiological birth are sometimes forced by judges to surrender to surgery or threatened with having their babies taken away by child welfare services.
In many countries, if a woman wants to have a home birth supported by a midwife, those midwives face criminal prosecution. Some midwives, like Ágnes Geréb in Hungary, are even imprisoned. Freedom for Birth calls for radical reform to the world’s maternity systems so that these Human Rights violations stop and women are afforded real choice as to how and where they give birth’

I was fortunate to attend a screening organised by Valerie Gommon today at The Bee House. I’m really passionate about women birthing the way that they want to and work with women frequently to help them achieve this.

However, watching the freedom for birth really made me realise that there is so much more that we need to do to make sure decisions are not taken out of our hands. Even though we are very fortunate in this country, the system still fails to support many pregnant women.  A woman cannot be guaranteed a home birth, if there is no midwife available then she will have to go into hospital. The care a woman receives when she is labour in hospital could be from a number of midwifes, possibly midwives that she has never met and do not know her well. And the aftercare once she returns home is reducing as phone calls are starting to replace some of the visits into the home.

It was really important to be to go along and support this event and it left me, at points in tears. The film is extremely moving and some of the content is astonishing, but it really made me feel motivated to help in whatever way I can.

If you too are interested in helping, have a look at The Birth I Want. There is loads of information and advice on how we can all help to make sure women have the choice to the birth they want.


Something good has to come out of the end of Summer…..

As the evenings are starting to draw in and the mornings are getting darker Im starting to ponder the pro’s and cons of having toddlers in the winter time! I used to like waking up at 3am and seeing the light through the window, thinking inside – i should have another 3 hours sleep! But when i wake up and i see darkness outside, it makes me want to cuddle up with the little one next to me and stay there, not be cajoled by his increasing shuffles as he wakes and eventually shouts ‘stairs’.

But I have a light at the end of the tunnel which involves further training, a daunting prospect as it’s taking me an age to even finish one of the books on the pre course reading list! But something which is already dear to my heart and my home, me and a close friend are embarking on the Baby Calm™ training. This training fits perfectly with the Confident Childbirth training that i already hold and offer to my clients, I am really passionate about a gentle and enjoyable pregnancy and also a calm and confident birth. Both affect how you feel about those first few weeks with your newborn, this amazing and trying time really needs a good foundation. Each time i see a client for Confident Childbirth they are amazed at the amount of information they receive from me, information that they just wouldn’t receive in NHS antenatal classes. Hopefully I will soon be able to pass on an additional wealth of knowledge to parents too through the trusted Baby Calm ™ brand.